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Bitfarms Ltd. is Securing a Strong Future




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Our Mission

Securing the future economy for everyone.

Our Vision

Empowering the digital financial economy with trust, transparency, and high industry standards. Leading by operating innovative, sustainable, and industrial-scale Bitcoin mining operations that engage communities around the world.

We Believe in Our People & Our Culture

We are a technology company that believes you need the right energy in your culture to power up your operations and scale to industry demand. Our culture is at the heart of what we do.

Benefiting Our Communities

Our operational goals include returning value to the communities where our facilities are located. Through job creation, energy use mitigation, and decentralized banking opportunities, Bitfarms works to have a positive impact on its surrounding regions.

Established Thought Leaders and Believers

Our leadership team spans the globe with experience in finance, technology, construction, logistics, electrical services, repairs & maintenance, and business development to support our vertically integrated model.

Vertically Integrated Business Spanning the Globe

Fueling Our Success and Longevity with Technology

Bitfarms is a global enterprise focused on decentralization and diversification to fuel the next generation in cryptocurrency mining. As the only publicly traded pure-play Bitcoin mining company audited by a Big Four audit firm, we are a global operation powered by entrepreneurial leaders and the most advanced technology available.

More About Our Farms

Canada Operations

We own and operate seven farms in Canada with ongoing buildout and improvements. In addition, our in-house construction and maintenance company, Volta Electrique, improves downtime and efficiency and serves as another revenue stream.

US Operations

Our US investment is a fully functional mining farm operating on green hydropower in Washington state.

Argentina Operations

Our Argentina operation is an eight-year contract with initial buildout to be completed in 2022. The contract can be grown from 50MW to 210MW.

Paraguay Operations

In Paraguay, we commenced operations in January 2022 on a 10MW farm powered by hydro-electricity.

Creating a Sustainable Future in Cryptocurrency

By focusing on surplus hydroelectricity and private locally-sourced natural gas, we keep our costs and impact low. Our commitment is to focus on renewable and locally-sourced energy solutions while keeping our operation output low.

We are also committed to mitigating energy waste in communities we operate in, helping power grids through curtailment, using surplus power, and providing revenue to hydro companies.



Bitfarms Ltd was founded


Bitfarms became the first Bitcoin mining company to trade on the TSX-V


TSX-V announced Bitfarms as a Rising Star


Bitfarms started trading on Nasdaq Stock Exchange

Acquisition of mining operation in Washington


Completion of first phase Argentina farms

Completion of Paraguay farm

Uplisted from TSX-V to TSX

MGMT System

MGMT in our operations prioritizes minimizing downtime by closely monitoring miner racks. Our technicians can pinpoint exactly which miners need service, identify the issue, and fix them onsite in our in-house repair lab.