Donate to BitFarms

BitFarms is not currently funded by any sources besides our own wallets & time. Your donation will help make sure that we can spend more time on this free project which will allow for more value creation opportunities for both farms and consumers. We want to be as transparent as possible and would prefer to crowdsource the upgrade plans from our community so please contact us if you have any ideas for implementation.

Food Donation : 1AquVZ1vUCyAZYYSPGgXfRctxZqAhusRGB - Buy us food - We will only use these bitcoins to buy food from farms listed on You can see which farms they go to by checking blockchain.

General Donation: 113KpwYqo4m3SrYgyiN6PTUVWwgCpeYPcE - Help fund quicker site upgrades - If you send a general donation please use our contact form to let us know which feature you want us to implement, otherwise we will put extra effort into the crowdsourced development plan.