Local Farms Accepting Bitcoin Could Fix Food Supply Damages Caused By Subsidies & Inflation

Farmers provide what we all need but often the long-term value of their crops is diminished by inflation and artificial competition from subsidies. By encouraging local farms to accept bitcoin we can help make sure that the backbone of our society has wealth for generations to come. This system even has the power to encourage new participants in the farming industry as those who are seeking to become wealthy in bitcoin can simply become legit farmers. Right now most crops are industrially grown, but consumer demand is pushing big business slowly towards organic and gmo-free crops.


Donate to BitFarms

BitFarms is not currently funded by any sources besides our own wallets & time. Your donation will help make sure that we can spend more time on this free project which will allow for more value creation opportunities for both farms and consumers. We want to be as transparent as possible and would prefer to crowdsource the upgrade plans from our community so please contact us if you have any ideas for implementation.

Basic Farm Directory Launched

Just added a basic farm directory.

More features coming soon. Please help decide which are the most important!
- Rate & Review Farms
- Categorization of Farms (Organic, CSA, etc.)
- Cell Phone App
- IP Geolocation (show nearby farms automatically)
- Maintain your own farm profile
- Integration with Google Spreadsheets to have farms maintain their own availability list
- Bitcoin powered seed exchange?



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